When you decide to sell, Klamath Oil & Gas, you can feel certain that we will take care of you. We specialize in selling of royalty and mineral interests throughout the United States. We evaluate each property on it’s own merit. Our entire process of buying or selling is very simple.

We provide 3 easy step to selling your royalties and minerals. The first step is to submit information on ‘Request a Bid’. Second, receive an analysis and offer for your royalty interest, and third, close within 30 days of acceptance.

These 3 simple steps will help you sell fast and easily. There are many benefits from selling a portion of your royalty! It can add income for retirement, or help pay for a child’s college tuition. Some other reasons to sell could be for quick cash or tax savings. Selling could also help with debt relief, estate planning or money for other investments.

Contact us today and let us help you sell at 817-304-4456!