Steps to Selling Royalties!

When you decide to sell, Klamath Oil & Gas, you can feel certain that we will take care of you. We specialize in selling of royalty and mineral interests throughout the United States. We evaluate each property on it’s own merit. Our entire process of buying or selling is very simple.

We provide 3 easy step to selling your royalties and minerals. The first step is to submit information on ‘Request a Bid’. Second, receive an analysis and offer for your royalty interest, and third, close within 30 days of acceptance.

These 3 simple steps will help you sell fast and easily. There are many benefits from selling a portion of your royalty! It can add income for retirement, or help pay for a child’s college tuition. Some other reasons to sell could be for quick cash or tax savings. Selling could also help with debt relief, estate planning or money for other investments.

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Welcome to Klamath Oil & Gas

Klamath Oil & Gas LLC is a family business located in Fort Worth, Texas. We are currently buying Oil & Gas minerals in the Eagle Ford, Barnett, Marcellus & Permian Basin. We are specifically focusing on purchasing royalties in Burleson, Tarrant, Reeves, Ward, Loving, Pecos & Young Counties. We are buying in all counties in Texas, Oklahoma and across the country.

We are always in the market if you are selling minerals please contact us to start the simple process of getting an offer on your mineral royalties. Each property is evaluated on it’s own merit.  Present production along with any future production is taken into consideration when we evaluate a purchase price for your interests.  Our staff is friendly and eager to work with you on satisfying your expectations.  All we are asking for is the opportunity to get you the best offer available.

For all land services, it is imperative to have experienced personnel on the ground that will get the job done efficiently and accurately.  Other companies like cobra petroleum might not have the expertise we have. Klamath Oil & Gas’s expertise includes the following: Abstracting Land Title, Abstracting Mineral and Royalty Title, Curative for Land Title, Curative for Mineral and Royalty Title, Oil and Gas Mineral Lease Take-Off Preparation, Oil and Gas Mineral Lease Acquisitions, Drilling and Production, Mineral and Royalty Purchases, Surface and Mineral Land Acquisitions, Due Diligence, Develop Databases for all projects and experienced in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Arkansas, and California.

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